Why Host an Intern?

Many companies recruit talent from the same sources year after year, meaning industry-wide pipelines of early talent come from a relatively small and fixed student population. We are leaving talent on the table.

Project Onramp will help you to access untapped pools of talent from the communities in which you work. There is plenty of motivated home-grown talent eager to experience the life science industry; they just often don’t have clear paths to do so. By partnering with Project Onramp, you build that onramp, a chance to explore new career paths — and in turn, get to know talented undergraduates from a variety of backgrounds, lived experiences and majors. These students not only diversify your internship pipelines, but your early talent pipelines as well.

For companies with fewer than 100 employees, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center’s Internship Challenge program can subsidize intern salaries up to $9,600 per student per summer (maximum of two interns).

Learn more about Project Onramp and how these talented college students can help your firm grow now, and in the future.

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