Process and Timeline

What is the Project Onramp process?

Project Onramp works with companies to reserve a set number of paid summer internship roles only for students from the Project Onramp pipeline. This means that these roles would not be open on the company’s career portal, and internal referrals and other students would not interview for these roles. The company commits to hiring for these designated roles from a batch of Project Onramp candidates specifically curated for the role.

This feature of the Project Onramp model is designed to create a level playing field for low-income students. Our students still compete for roles — but they do so against a pool of other low-income students.

How it Works:

The Jobs

Companies submit a job description for a paid summer internship set aside for Project Onramp applicants. We know this ensures a level playing field for our students, who compete for roles, but against a pool of other candidates with similar lived experiences.

Making Matches

Project Onramp staff work with Student Support Partners to identify a curated pool of students with the requisite skills & interest in each role.

Finding the Fit

Companies review resumes for relevant or required skills, interview and evaluate candidates they choose, and hire a candidate who meets their needs.

Support for Success

Project Onramp provides wrap-around training and support for interns (via Summer Sessions and check-ins) and supervisors (via surveys and outreach.)

We work with companies to determine their specific talent needs and align seamlessly with existing hiring processes and timelines, ensuring the very best matches for each employer.

Remote Internships

As a signature program of Life Science Cares, our most robust internship programs and our biggest pools of students are in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Philadelphia and New York. However, we do have some talented students attending colleges and universities in other cities, and looking for remote-work roles.

If you have a remote-work role that could be filled with a student residing in any city, we can help.

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