Why are summer internships important for building a career after graduation?

Data shows that having even one summer internship related to your major hugely increases your chances of getting an interesting and well-paying role after graduation. According to The Boston Foundation, the significance of internship experiences is particularly noteworthy for liberal arts and natural science majors who have a more difficult time securing Bachelor’s degree-level jobs after graduation.

If you would like to participate in Project Onramp, please ask your university (a professor, a dean or someone in career services) to contact Project Onramp on your behalf.


Building strong, new networks.

One-to-One is a networking platform to connect college students with professionals in the life science industry to build networking skills and develop a professional network.

As a student in One-to-One, you get to virtually meet amazing professionals in the life sciences industry. Project Onramp students and alumni are encouraged to leverage the One-to-One platform to expand their professional network.