Diversifying Your Talent

Growing and diversifying the pipeline of early talent.

The New York City life sciences community is launching dynamic new startups and leading scientific breakthroughs that are improving health outcomes and enhancing quality of life. With momentum from industry, government and investors, the New York ecosystem is poised for significant growth and will need a ready workforce in order to do so.

Project Onramp is a tool for New York’s life science companies to ensure they tap a local source of diverse talent as they grow. Interns not only mean more people power for your organization, they bring a fresh perspective to your work and offer existing employees an opportunity to serve as mentors.

Filling some of your available internships through Project Onramp is an investment in our industry’s future.


SEEKING: Companies to hire talented undergraduates from low-income backgrounds for rewarding summer work.

Explore diversifying your internship pipeline for summer 2024.

Our Interns

Cornell senior Janen Khan is a Brooklyn native who occasionally feels a bit out of place in the rural landscapes of the Ithaca, New York campus. Where she doesn’t feel out of place, however, is when she’s immersed in the world of academic biology. That’s her undergraduate major as she continues a pre-med track while minoring in the life sciences track at the Dyson School of Business.

Meet Our Interns

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